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The products are stored on a  secure server and can be purchased through PayPal.  You will be given ONE link to EACH download of your product(s).  As soon as you purchase, you will be redirected to a download link AND will be given that link via an email.
After you download the file, the link will no longer exist.

There is no shopping cart, per say.  You will not be able to add several items to a cart, and  then purchase all at once.
Each product has its own download link.   So, take your time and download after each product is purchased.
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“Signature Taggers” is a terms used to represent any hobbyist who buys and uses my artwork in digital graphics format to create tags, web designs, email backgrounds, graphic tutorials, and any other designs to be displayed on the internet for

The digital downloads of the artwork have no backgrounds, are approximately 600px to 1,000px wide (or high depending on the art) and at 72dpi resolution.  They are to be used as only ONE part of elements in graphic designs for non-profit.
The finished designs made by the taggers, that have my art in them, can only be displayed online or through email transactions as gifts to others, i.e. you make a design as a signature tag for someone.  You can email that tag or post in a forum, etc for them.

All images obtained are the property of Rachael Tallamy, you have the right to use with purchase and a valid license number.  Original files or images are not to be shared or redistributed in any manner.   My full name spelled correctly and legibly, along with your license number and must be included on each design of yours.

You must be 18 years of age or older. Products from this store are for NONprofit use of graphic designer hobbyists only!
This artwork is NOT stock for other artists to place in their artworks.

Art is to be used ONLY for the the following designs:
* Incredi-mail layouts or other email type designs
* Signature Tags
* Avatars
* Part of layout for web scrap page(s)
* Part of web sets, including skins, such as Facebook layout
* Tutorials you’ve written.  You must place a link on your page back to this website and include the name Rachael Tallamy in the description.

All designs must be completed projects with my art being only one element therein.

Your finished design can NOT be uploaded to any online art gallery or any art gallery.
(online photo albums for tag show-off or pick-up is fine, as long as a link to is legible and working) Your finished design can NOT be printed on any products, except personal use from your own computer, such as a stationary page to send someone a personal letter.

Your finished design can NOT be larger than 600 px wide or 700 px tall.
Rachael Tallamy, and your lic# MUST be clearly visible and legible on the design.

Here’s an example of how you write on your designs, tags, etc.:

© Rachael Tallamy ~
Tagged by SuzieQq Lic# 1628

You must purchase artwork in order to get a License number.
That’s the only way I will add you as a member and that’s the only way you will have an ID number (lic. #) to use my art.

Every user must obtain and use a valid license. This is how I know who is using the art, and if I or someone else sees the art being used without a license number on it, then we know the art was taken illegally!

Artwork may never be used in designs or on web sites that promote hate, criminal activity, pornography, demonizing.
Please be respectful of my art!   No sexual vulgarity or other non-G rated graphics can be created with my art.

Artwork can NOT be used in conjunction with other artists’ works, except photography or art that is by you or obtained via non-royalty stock or legitimately public domain.

Artwork can be modified: cropping, changing to black/white, re-scaling to fit, as long as it is not distorted.
Yes, you can remove moons from the moon angels images.  Yes, you can remove any twigs, leaves, etc from art.

Additions MUST be made, such as: text, borders, animated glitter, rain, snow or other complimentary elements.  Artwork can only be ONE part of finished designs.

Animation of body parts is not allowed.
Animation of wings and hair is allowed. Making eyes blink is allowed.

Artwork can never be sold by agreeing user, neither the png files/images nor the artwork on prints and products.

Purchased artwork can not be redistributed to others, not from other download sites, shops, or communities, not even for purpose of sharing or gifting.  This is strictly forbidden.

Rachael Tallamy reserves the right to possibly use any or all “tag”creations for marketing and promotional purposes.

All purchasing questions, downloads, concerns regarding art purchased from the store can be found at this website on PSP pages, or simply by contacting me.

*I, Rachael Tallamy, reserve the right to make additions or changes to these terms at any time.  It is the user’s responsibility to stay updated with the terms at

Follow all the terms above, and have fun!

Contact me at E-Mail:

Have fun with your designing!!! 🙂